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Concrete Truck Chute Heavy Fabrication

At Allied Manufacturing, our heavy fabrication division developed and engineered a line of cement truck chutes and replacement liners. Intended to provide a low weight and cost effective alternate chute for existing concrete trucks, our chutes feature a replaceable plastic or metal liner. This helps to extend life while also increasing durability.

Cement Truck Chutes

  • Available in Steel or Aluminum
  • Low Weight Design
  • Color Matching Available
  • Made to OEM specifications
  • Replaceable Plastic or Metal Liners
  • Advanced Mixer and Oshkosh Styles

We offer concrete truck chutes for both advanced mixer and Oshkosh style cement trucks. The chutes are made from either steel or aluminum and feature a plastic or metal liner. We can provide any color chute or match an existing truck or color. All of our concrete chutes are made to OEM specifications and have been developed for maximum strength with minimum weight.

Allied Manufacturing’s heavy fabrication division offers comprehensive forming and fabrication for both medium and heavy components.

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